The 38th International Kodály Summer School

Monday 8th August – Saturday 13th August 2022 at Nottingham University Music Department

Booking Information:

  • Charges include any applicable VAT and are in pounds sterling; payment cannot be accepted in any other currency.
  • A deposit of £100 is included in the full ticket price to secure your booking (not refundable if cancelled after 20th June 2022).
  • Booking closes at midnight BST on Saturday 24th July 2022.
  • Please see the website for details of accommodation options. Bed and breakfast accommodation can be provided for Sunday 7th August at a cost of £48. Please contact Carole Allen for details: [email protected] 

  • Once you've selected your ticket type, there will be a number of questions to complete. Please take a moment to fill them in as this helps us give you the best experience possible.
  • If you aren't sure which session to choose, you can read the session descriptions here.

  • Please note: Due to Allan's teaching timetable, it is only possible to offer a single slot to students, subject to availability. It is NOT possible to book more than one session with him- please select Florent's sessions if you require more than one session.

  • For any questions about your stay at the Summer School please contact Carole Allen: [email protected] 
  • For any questions regarding course content please contact Lucinda Geoghegan: [email protected]
  • If you would like to speak to our treasurer about a payment plan/financial assistance please contact John Oliver: [email protected]

Payment options:

Booking for this event has now closed.