Teacher Handbook for Kodály’s 333 Reading Exercises


33 sample lessons for musicianship classes, incl.CD Read more

Bach Példatár vol. I


a collection of Bach examples for study Read more

The Legacy of Zoltán Kodály


An Oral History Perspective. Edited by Mary Alice Hein Read more

Zoltán Kodály: Writings on Music Education


compiled & edited by Mihály Ittzés, translated by Kata Ittzés Read more

The Kodály Way to Music book 1


by Cecilia Vajda Read more

The Kodály Way to Music book 2


by Cecilia Vajda Read more

Music Makes a Difference


The Effect of Kodály’s Musical Training on the Psychological Development of Elementary School Children (Barkóczi and Pléh) Read more

Heptatonic Reading Exercises I - II


by György Tegzes Read more

Music and Singing in the Early Years


A Guide to Singing with Young Children - by Zoe Greenhalgh Read more

The World of Tones Introduction to Music Literature – Part I


László Dobszay Read more

A hangok világa IV


Provides the musical examples to use with The World of Tones Part I Read more

A Guide to Teaching Musical Style


by Zsuzsanna Kontra Read more