At our Summer Schools, we aim to offer a range of sessions to suit all our delegates. Read on to find out about the optional sessions available this year:


Sessions 1 & 2:

Musicianship: Alan Murdock, Lynne Clark, Esther Hargittai, James Cuskelly, László Norbert Nemes

Musicianship is a core part of all our training, and we offer tuition in small groups from beginners to advanced. Click here to find out more about our Musicianship curriculum.

This year we are excited to be offering Jazz Musicianship, led by Pete Churchill, for students who are working at an advanced level. 

These sessions are a gentle introduction to the language of jazz - and a window onto what the improviser might be thinking. We will clarify the chord symbol system and examine how jazz musicians think of modes. The basics of jazz-piano voicings will be covered as well as an introduction to the rhythmic and melodic vocabulary of jazz. 

Session 3:

Conducting: Alan Murdock, Esther Hargittai and James Cuskelly

Learn techniques for conducting Beginners, Primary, or Secondary/Community Choirs


Foundations of Methodology: Lucinda Geoghegan

These sessions will give a broad overview of what is meant by Kodály Inspired Music Education in the 0 to 12 age range.
The session is intended to be for those who are new or relatively new to the Kodály Philosophy.


Journeys Into English Folk Music: Lynne Clark

An exploration of the different types of English folk and work songs, their histories and tonalities. Why did these inspire Ralph Vaughan Williams?  Let's discover their values.


Session 4:

Early Years Singing Games: Ben Lawrence

These sessions will be hands-on, practical sessions and students will participate in singing games and repertoire for the 0 to 7 age range. One of the sessions will also look at picture books and their use to support musical learning.


Primary Singing Games (2 sessions): Lucinda Geoghegan

These sessions will be practical hands-on sessions and students will participate in singing games and repertoire for the age 7 to 12 age range. Participants will be shown how the games can be a springboard to musical learning.


Art Music in the Kodály-inspired classroom (2 sessions): Chris Andrews

Listening games and activities for Key Stages 2 and 3. Practising concepts using a diverse selection of music from jazz, film, gaming and the concert hall.


Understanding Style: Analysis, Structure and Key Characteristics: James Cuskelly

These sessions are designed to help with the development of understanding of stylistic features of selected pieces of repertoire. Students in the upper Secondary classroom or at the tertiary level need to refine their analysis skills and these sessions will provide both materials and methodological approaches to assist in the development of such skills. This class is ideally suited to secondary and tertiary educators but is relevant for all musicians. 


Session 5:

Jazz Choir: Pete Churchill

These sessions will focus on learning entirely by ear as well as developing the memory. Beginning with movement and good strong rhythmic unison singing we will build up harmony parts layer by layer. The repertoire will be drawn from the aural tradition - jazz, gospel, folk - all music that benefits from being taught this way. 


Session 6:

Free time is built into our timetable to allow Delegates to choose from a number of activities including self-organised chamber music groups, pop solfa groups and other interests. Others choose to make use of the onsite sports centre, or simply to have quiet time to absorb the learning from the day so far!


Final Sing: Telling the story, telling our story.  James Cuskelly

(60 mins)  

This session is a chance for all participants to reflect, share and sing. Music educators are busy people and we often feel the pressure of deadlines, performance expectations and the unexpected last-minute crisis! In all the busyness it is important that we pause to remind ourselves and one another about the big picture, about why we do what we do and why it matters.   


British Kodály Academy: Foundation Certificate

We are delighted to be able to offer our CPD Accredited Foundation Course during the Summer School. Students choosing to complete this course will complete the following:

- Musicianship at their appropriate level

- Foundations of Methodology


- Early Years Singing Games


- Primary Singing Games AND Art Music In The Kodály-Inspired Classroom

If you are interested in completing the Foundation Course at Summer School, you can indicate this on the booking form.