John Oliver (Treasurer)

John writes: My first connection with the BKA was through Margaret, in her role as Bookstore Manager, for several years helping her behind-the-scenes, particularly on administrative and financial aspects. Then, as Treasurer from 2011, I became much more directly involved, drawing on my pre-retirement experience of administration in a large industrial company. This work in the BKA has usually been balanced alongside busy family activities, much travelling, and lots of choral singing – and I hope to resume all that fully as we emerge from the Covid pandemic. As Treasurer I have built up extensive experience over a wide range of money matters, administering payments in and out, taking care of the accounts and advising the BKA Trustees on budgets and financial matters generally. It has been good to see the BKA continue to flourish during these past 10 years. To help support further growth, the Trustees are currently exploring ways of developing the finance function to manage its many responsibilities in new ways.  There are exciting possibilities for the future!