Today was the final day of Summer School 2023, which is always filled with fun, laughter, swapping of contact details and hugs as the week draws to a close.



We finished with a round-up of resources that would be helpful in classrooms- assessing using SeeSaw and Plickers, and Presto- the culmination of an Erasmus project, led by the Lizst Academy and partners including NYCOS. Esther shared the wide range of resources that are available thanks to the project, all accessible through the Kodály Hub (



After a brief coffee break, we joined back together to share a final song. Esther shared a beautiful piece from the Oscar Award-winning short film Sing (Mindenki), and then Margaret Oliver, our Chairperson, thanked Sally and Judy who have worked together to organise Summer School.



We finished with a song written for the BKA by Rachel Parsons, a long-time member. She wrote the piece and dedicated it to all the teachers and tutors who touch lives with music. It was the most perfect and fitting way to end our week together.




We may have dispersed back to the parts of the world we came from, but we leave with our hearts full and our heads filled with knowledge and ideas. Until next year- 12-18th August, 2024!