Day 3 is always the point when people are starting to feel tired, but the willingness to keep learning doesn't wane! The day was filled again with Choir, Musicianship, Methodology, Conducting and much, much more!


Friendships are being made, ideas are being shared and the laughter never stops! Even though there are 6 hours of learning through the day, there is always time for catching up and getting to know each other.



It's also the day of the ceilidh... a highlight of the evening sessions! The ceilidh band is a 'scratch' orchestra, made up of any Delegate and Tutor who wants to join. This year's band had flutes, oboe, cello, violin, viola, piano and even ukulele! With only a short while to rehearse, Allan brings everyone together to create a wonderful sound. Under the instructions of Lucinda, everyone gamely danced the Dashing White Sargent, Gay Gordons and many more, ending with a Circadian Strip The Willow! 




After the fun of the ceilidh, lots of people retired to the bar to continue the fun! 



Tomorrow brings a change to some of our afternoon sessions, with new opportunities awaiting some eager learners (no doubt with tired feet!)