Inside Music - Early Years: Age 0 - 5

A programme for teaching musical skills through singing;

Inside Music's initial module offers a range of opportunities for parents and early years practitioners to help babies and toddlers to become comfortable with music activity and experience the basics of music by planting seeds for healthy growth in later years.

The book contains age-appropriate songs & rhymes with thorough advice and guidance for their use in musical learning and the wider curriculum; 

There are sections on Resources, Topics, Routines, Planning, Assessment; also a set of lucky dip cards which can be cut out and used by the children in choosing or guessing games.

The CD contains all the songs/rhymes introduced in the book and also extra listening tracks featuring short pieces by composers such as Leroy Anderson, J.S.Bach, Offenbach, Johann Strauss II, Tchaikovsky... and the lucky dip cards can be found on the CD as well.