Angela Fogg (MA LRSM CKME MISM FRSA) is a teaching musician leading a double life as a teacher of piano and Kodály musicianship. Having studied with the BKA on numerous courses, she teaches Kodály musicianship at Sacred Heart School, Teddington, and for the Colourstrings Music School based at Kingston University. She directs the choir at both schools and her choirs have performed in many events in London. She also runs the Sing-a-Song Kodály music classes for children in Twickenham. Angela was one of the instructors for British Kodály Academy’s Springboard Course and is currently part of the BKA Education Planning Board.

Angela studied piano and piano pedagogy with the European Piano Teachers Association’s founder Carola Grindea and subsequently with Prof. Gordon Fergus Thompson. She currently teaches the piano in private practice but has also worked as a peripatetic in state and private schools. She has reviewed music for the EPTA Piano Journal since the 1990s and was also advertising manager for several years. She performs the piano regularly and played for many years with the Dolce Diva Quartet. She is also an HLR for the ISM.