When it's been so long since you were together face to face, it can often feel a bit strange to be back together. But with the opening day of this year's Summer School, it really isn't the case! 

"It feels like only yesterday since we were here last!" 

 "I can't believe it's been 3 years since we've sung together!" 

 "It feels like I'm back in my musical family!"

As Delegates walked into the Music Department of the University of Nottingham, our home for the week, there were shrieks of recognition, hugs with old friends, and a lot of 'I recognise you from the Zoom sessions!'. Everyone was welcomed, and just like that- Summer School is underway!

Of course, we began with a song by Fay White, taught to us by James Cuskelly. It was wonderful to hear the voices swell together as everyone joined in.

Sessions began, with choirs led by László Norbert Nemes and Michael Spence, followed by Musicianship session 1. After a coffee break, everyone joined together for the first Jazz Choir, led by Pete Churchill. This is the first time Jazz has been included in the Summer School options, and it was really enjoyable. Within an hour, we were all grooving and harmonising together:

After tea, our evening session was full of fun-filled, brain-challenging singing games. We also presented the winners of the Cecilia Vajda Memorial Scholarship with their books. Thanks to funds raised by BKA Members and Tutors, the CVMS awards scholarships to Delegates which covers the cost of their tuition for Summer School.

Ben Lawrence (Chair of the CVMS Committee) with the CVMS Scholarship Students, James Cuskelly and Lucinda Geoghegan


Of course, we couldn't finish the day without singing "Happy Birthday" to James- in solfa of course! 

Tomorrow brings more Musicianship, the start of Conducting, Methodology and of course- more singing!