Day four brings more Musicianship and Methodology sessions, as we all fall into the routine of starting our days with a warm up and choir. Esther's choir spent some time today polishing their performance of Purcell's pieces, ready to perform at the concert tomorrow evening.



We also have a Foundation Choir for our Delegates who may have little or no experience of choral singing, led by the wonderful Lynne Clark. They have been working on an arrangement of 'The Keel Row'- don't they sound fabulous for only a couple of days of rehearsal!



Two Delegates were overheard after choir, discussing how they loved starting the day with choir, as it "sets you up for an amazing day". We didn't manage to catch them to ask permission to share their names, but we have been catching up with some of our Delegates who are at Summer School for the first time, finding out how they've been getting on this week. With so many new experiences, it's always interesting hearing how they're feeling about what they've been learning.


It's changed my life. You come here. It's so powerful- no matter what's going on in your life outside of [the course], here you're in a bubble, full of support, and it gives you the strength to get through. It sets you free.



Joanna has been telling us about her Tutors:


Lynne has such an imaginative use of a wide range of music styles to demonstrate what we're learning in Musicianship. And Chris' enthusiasm and passion for teaching just shines through everything he does!



Today brought an opportunity for Delegates to swap sessions in the afternoon, so a new group started the 'Singing Games for Everyone' session, led by Lucinda Geoghegan and Ben Lawrence. This session always brings out the inner child in everyone as they learn new repertoire to use with their own pupils. And of course- lots of laughter and beautiful music too!



Our evening was a Masterclass from Allan Hubert-Wright and Orsolya Szabó. We were treated to being able to watch them work with some of the Delegates who have been having individual lessons with them this week, and we hope to share snippets of these with you soon.

Suffice to say, it was an inspiring way to end Day 4!