There's a feeling in the air that Summer School is drawing to a close, but people can't quite - or don't want to - believe it's nearly the end for this year. The week has flown by, helped by a packed timetable giving many opportunities for everyone to explore lots of new learning. We caught up with Debbie, who is a regular attendee of our Summer Schools, to find out what she's been doing this year:

This is my third summer school, and in that time it has gone from "let's see what all this fuss is about" to being one of the highlights of my year. Each morning we begin with a vocal warm up and choir led by Alan and Esther, and singing in the midst of so many beautiful voices is just the best way to start the day.

After that is musicianship. In level 7/8 James judges exactly how far to challenge us so that it is great fun but always makes your brain ache! Primary methodology with Chris is invaluable in breaking down the Kodály method and sharing new ideas, no matter what your experience is. In the afternoon sessions, we have laughed (mainly at ourselves) in singing games with Lucinda and Ben, considered how we implement Kodály pedagogy into the curriculum with Rebecca Berkley, as well as developing our skills and confidence in conducting with the ever-patient and encouraging Esther. All this as well as connecting with friends old and new, and managing a bit (ahem) of socialising at the end of the day! Debbie


The final full day is the culmination of all of this learning, with Delegates thanking their Tutors after their final classes, and thoughts turning to the concert and party this evening. But before that, of course, there were games to be played!




In the evening, we convened in the Grand Hall for our Concert and Party. Both our Foundation Choir and Choir performed their pieces for the invited guests and Tutors, and we were wowed by a beautiful recital of Debussy's 'Clair De Lune' played by one of Orsolya's students, Sophie. We put together a short video to showcase some of the pieces performed:



To commemorate Cecilia Vajda, who founded the British Kodály Society (now the BKA) in Britain, and who would have been 100 this year, the choir performed Kodály's Horatii Carmen ii, under the direction of Esther Hargittai.



After the more formal concert had finished, we held our party, where Delegates were encouraged to share something. We had beautiful songs, performances from oboe and clarinet players, pieces from the various Musicianship groups, and a wonderful song, written by Rachel, one of our dedicated Members, as a tribute to all those who reach others with music: