As the week progresses, the students are all getting to know each other. We had a chance to chat together about our experiences this week and how we feel about being back together after a long break.

Sarah Tann took part in the online Early Year Methodology classes over the last two years. This is her first Summer School. She is enjoying Early Years Singing Games with Ben Lawrence and says, “it is just so brilliant to all be around the lycra together.”

Doris Audétat is visiting from Austria. Doris says “it’s like swimming in water” to be surrounded by like-minded musicians and teachers.

Sarah Benbow is attending Foundations of Methodology and Primary Singing Games with Lucinda Geoghegan. Sarah says the week has been “music educationally life changing’ and is allowing her to see things from new angles.

In Art Music with Chris Andrews today, students were exploring how to integrate art music into concept planning, pulling out multiple musical skills. Using movement, clapping patterns and solfa allows students to access pieces like Beethoven's 'Six Ecossaie' and Black Eyed Peas 'Where Is The Love'. Students were taught a clapping pattern for the theme of the Beethoven piece, adding in their own beat patterns for the other sections. Much hilarity ensued as everyone challenged themselves to try something new. Chris has a wealth of other ideas on his Facebook page, 'Prep School Music.'


Angela told us:

Today I went to a session with James Cuskelly on Secondary School and Community choir repertoire. He took a simple canon and after that was mastered we combined  it with another simple canon, then sang the two in canon at a 5th apart. The effect was magical. Another canon we sang in 6 parts whilst spaced around the room giving an antiphonal sound. Everyone was so elated at the end of the session, and guess what, we get to do it again tomorrow! Can’t wait!


We were all so sad to say goodbye to Pete Churchill today after Jazz Choir. His sessions have been incredibly inspiring and enjoyable, with Pete telling us today that we are learning repertoire at the heady speed of one new song every fifteen minutes! Today we were fortunate to have Pete’s daughter Immy join us to sing “People Get Ready”. Her beautiful solo singing brought our performance to the next level. Trish Cummings said her experience of jazz choir was “eye-popping”. We are all looking forward to seeing Pete again next year.



For our evening’s activity we welcomed back on-line tutor and past delegate, Andrew Davidson for a Dalcroze session. Andrew brought through ideas about time and space, challenging our musicianship and co-ordination. The song we sang with Andrew could be heard around the campus through the rest of the evening.

Helen Blackmore