There's always a sense of sadness on the final morning of Summer School. We've all been living in a musical bubble of like-minded people, who began as new acquaintances and are now your musical family. It's been normal for the last 6 days to walk down a corridor and nobody bats an eye when you're singing in solfa and handsigning in canon with yourself. Getting back to the 'real' world can be an adjustment!

After our final warm up with Allan, which included all the usual funny facial expressions and exercises that have become just the 'done thing'! Allan has left us all with tools to maintain our voices as we head back to classrooms, performances and singing in the car!


James then led us in some beautiful singing, as he wrapped up the week for us. 



We took the opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful team who have been teaching, organising and keeping everything running smoothly this week.


We started our Summer School with singing, and we ended the same way. James shared a beautiful piece with us, 'The Best Part Of Your Life,' written by Susan Werner. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!


While we all prepared to head home to reflect and process all the learning, experiences and connections made over the week, there were lots of final goodbyes to say to friends old and new. As so many people commented, the BKA is a musical family that welcomes everyone, so there were plenty of tears and hugs!

We'll be reflecting on our week very soon, but for now we're heading home, with wonderful memories and new friends.

Emma Ede