Len founded the Len Tyler Music School in 1994 following a successful twenty-seven year career in military music.  As a musician and director of music, he travelled extensively and took part in many state ceremonial occasions at national and international levels.  On leaving the military he retrained as a Kodály musicianship trainer, qualifying with Colourstrings International, the British Kodály Academy, and Trinity College of Music in London. He is best known for his work with early childhood and primary music education, although he does apply the Kodály approach to other areas of his work including instrumental teaching and working with bands and ensembles.  As a result of his extensive studies while in the military, he is able to play over 20 different instruments, including all brass and woodwind and most stringed instruments.  He ran the percussion section for the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall) for a year.

Len plays bass trombone or tuba on a regular basis, featuring in two symphonic wind bands, one symphony orchestra and a brass quintet where he is the resident composer.  He lives near Camberley with his wife Rose (woodwind teacher), three dogs, four rabbits, ten chinchillas and a blind hedgehog.  His two grown-up daughters are regular and welcome visitors and as you might guess from the list of animals one of his daughters is a vet ….!!

Len is the Regional Coordinator for Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.