Go For Bronze Teacher Folder

Lyn Thomson
When I started my after school Kodály classes several years ago, I was looking for material that was suitable for older children who still needed to start from the beginning with s m and ta ti ti, but who would probably be reluctant to sing Here Sits a Mousie and Snail Snail.
I found the answer in “Go For Bronze” by Christopher Bell, Artistic Director of the National Youth Choir of Scotland and Lucinda Geoghegan, familiar to anyone who has attended a BKA Summer School in recent years or one of her early years weekends.
“Go For Bronze” is suitable for children of eight and over. There is a Teacher Book and two Pupil Books. Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t need the Teacher Book! The Teacher Book is absolutely essential, as it provides instructions for all the games, explanations of how to introduce concepts and – most importantly – supplementary activities that expand on each topic.