The morning began with Allan Hubert-Wright’s super-effective warm-ups setting our voices up for the long day of singing ahead.

Lászlo’s choir session covered a rich selection of repertoire ranging from Orlando di Lasso to László Sáry via Brahms. László’s logical approach to introducing the repertoire through some analysis stretched our solfa skills, travelling through modes and keeping us on our toes with shifting solfa. It might tax our brains, but László's approach always gets us there in the end!


Esther’s level 5/6 musicianship ventured into part-work today, starting two-part dictation and developing our part-work in creative and enjoyable ways.


In Foundation of Methodology, Lucinda introduced us to Yoo-hoo the Snail, who helped the class think about supporting pitch-matching. A crucial step in the process of developing voices, she took us through games from the teacher matching the child's voice, to supporting children as they echo others, through to games and activities to help children understand high and low.


James Cuskelly’s Stylistic Study group explored approaches to learning about harmony and voice-leading in the Baroque era. Many of us will have learned through a series of written exercises and lists of rules. James’ approach of using singing, repertoire and improvisation will be certain to inspire many of the class when they head back into the classroom in a few weeks’ time.

We caught up with Angela Fogg, to find out how her day was going.

Day 3 on the BKA summer school and I am having the most fantastic time! New this year was a jazz musicianship course run by Pete Churchill. I have learnt so much in the first six lessons that there is enough to keep me busy until at least this time next year. We’ve been learning about chord symbols, scale/ chord relationships and today piano voicings. We've been singing and listening to some very juicy extended harmonies as well. Fantastic!



By now, everyone was beginning to flag a little. In steps Pete Churchill to lift our spirits! Pete is teaching the Jazz Choir completely aurally and from memory. Now covering music including Curtis Mayfield and Duke Ellington, Pete’s inspiring and lively approach mixed with his expert tips have us sounding really good.

For our evening’s activity, we were treated to a Musical Theatre Masterclass, led by Allan. Michael Spence and Leonard Schneider performed songs from Phantom of the Opera and My Fair Lady. Their generosity in singing for us gave us a fascinating insight into the Musical Theatre style, as Allan shaped their performances, touching on singing technique, acting and approaches taken by artists in that field. They were ably accompanied by our repetiteur, Simon Kent.


Tomorrow brings a swap of activities for some groups, and preparations for the final concert and ceilidh begin.

Helen Blackmore