A Guide to Teaching Musical Style


by Zsuzsanna Kontra Read more

A hangok világa IV


Provides the musical examples to use with The World of Tones Part I Read more

A Practical Approach to Harmony


by Dr. Katalin Kiss Read more

After Kodály


Reflections on Music Education (Dobszay) Read more

An Ode for Music


11 analyses of Kodály choral pieces, compiled by Judit Hartyányi, and including 2 CDs Read more

Bach Példatár vol. I


a collection of Bach examples for study Read more

From Hungary with Love


a biography of Cecilia Vajda, by Kenneth Shenton Read more

Heptatonic Reading Exercises I - II


by György Tegzes Read more

Intonation and Vocal Training in Choir


by Pál Kardos (new hardback edition) Read more

Kodály’s Principles in Practice


by Erzsébet Szőnyi Read more

Music and Singing in the Early Years


A Guide to Singing with Young Children - by Zoe Greenhalgh Read more

Music Makes a Difference


The Effect of Kodály’s Musical Training on the Psychological Development of Elementary School Children (Barkóczi and Pléh) Read more