At our Summer Schools, we aim to offer a range of sessions to suit all our delegates. Read on to find out about the optional sessions available this year:



Tutors: Alan MurdockLynne Clark, Esther Hargittai, James Cuskelly, Árpád Tóth

Musicianship is a core part of all our training, and we offer tuition in small groups from beginners to advanced. Click here to find out more about our Musicianship curriculum.


Session 1:

Foundations of Methodology: Ben Lawrence and Emma Ede

These sessions will give a broad overview of what is meant by Kodály Inspired Music Education in the 0 to 12 age range.
The session is intended to be for those who are new or relatively new to the Kodály Philosophy. There will be the option to complete the BKA Foundation Certificate through these sessions (See below)


Early Years Methodology: Lucinda Geoghegan and Ben Lawrence


Primary Methodology: Chris Andrews


Secondary Methodology: James Cuskelly


Journeys Into English Folk Music: Lynne Clark


Session 2 (choose 2- swap halfway through week):

The importance of Singing Games for all: Lucinda Geoghegan and Ben Lawrence

Working with a Community Choir: James Cuskelly

Integrating Kodály Pedagogy Into Music Curriculum Planning: Rebecca Berkley

Integrating Kodály pedagogy into music curriculum planning focuses on ways to build a music curriculum founded on sequential learning of musical concepts and skills inspired by Kodály methodology. We will investigate how to write a scheme of work that integrates Kodály methodology relevant to the setting you teach based on the policy and curriculum documents such as the UK National Curriculum and Model Music Curriculum, and exam board specifications and syllabuses that apply to your professional practice. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own professional practice and engage in practical planning activities relating to their own teaching. These sessions are suitable for classroom music teachers, instrumental and vocal teachers. Please bring a copy of the curriculum documents that you normally work with for your reference.  

Session 3:

Diverse Repertoire in Kodály Inspired Music Education: Chris Andrews

In these sessions, we explore repertoire by underrepresented composers and artists, so that our lessons better represent the rich diversity of the world we live in, while also integrating music meaningfully in curriculum planning.


Conducting: Alan Murdock, Esther Hargittai and Árpád Tóth

Learn techniques for conducting. Levels offered: Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced/Ensemble singing


An introduction to the Szo System / Chamber Music: Orsolya Szabó

The SZO-System

The SZO-System - Music is Your Body was developed by Orsolya Szabó and is based on her experience and knowledge gained through decades of music teaching, performing and from rhythmic gymnastics.  What she has developed is both a music pedagogical method and “a relative movement system”, where the movement of a musician is assisting the performance in a way to best express the meaning of the performed music in a delightful way. In this module she will be introducing students to this method which has crystallised through many years since 1990.

Chamber Music

This module is for instrumentalists who wish to work on developing their skills as chamber music players.  Prospective students are asked to sign up as a group of two or more players who are currently working on music with a possible – but by no means essential – intention of performing at a future date.  They will be coached by Orsolya who will need to have information in advance of the pieces to be studied.  This module will also be open to those wishing to observe the coaching process.

Lectures and Evening sessions:

Vocal technique- looking after your voice: Allan Hubert-Wright

Kodály and music education today: James Cuskelly

Female folk song collectors and their songs: Angela Fogg

On Tuesday evening we will be looking at the lives of some female collectors of folksong and their contribution to our musical heritage. Cecil Sharp House houses several of their collections but how much do we know about these extraordinary women? In this session we will be looking at their histories and singing some of their songs.

Masterclass: Orsolya Szabó and Allan Hubert-Wright


British Kodály Academy: Foundation Certificate

We are delighted to be able to offer our CPD Accredited Foundation Course during the Summer School. Students choosing to complete this course will complete the following:

- Musicianship at their appropriate level

- Session 1: Foundations of Methodology


- Session 2: The Importance of Singing Games for All and one other choice from Session 2

- Session 3: Diverse Repertoire in Kodály Inspired Music Education

If you are interested in completing the Foundation Course at Summer School, you can indicate this on the booking form.